How Many Vending Machines in Japan

One thing is for sure when you visit Japan; there are vending machines in almost every street you walk. From dispensing simple supplies like basic groceries to weird options like underwear and puppies, there are so many options. There are even vending machines for prayer cards, gifts, and surgical masks. According to a survey by …

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10 Ways Snacks Can Boost Your Mood

You probably have heard that regular snacking is not good for you as it’s associated with issues like obesity, weight gain, and hypertension. However, this perception is not entirely true. It’s in fact directed to unhealthy snacking. Healthy snacks like berries and apples are actually beneficial. Remember, your brain is constantly working and thus it …

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Vending Machines and Office Culture

Vending machines may be different things to different people in the workplace. For employers, it’s another way of injecting money into the business and a means to keep employees motivated and on-site. For employees, vending machines are a cost-effective and time-saving option when it comes to buying foods and other office supplies.

7 Benefits of Coffee

National Coffee Association over 50%According to , the antioxidants are more in coffee than in tea and cocoa. They help to protect your body cells against oxidative stress and possible damage. In addition to antioxidants, coffee contains vitamins like niacin and riboflavin and minerals like magnesium and potassium. All these nutrients play an important role …

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How Profitable Are Vending Machines?

Thanks to vending machines, you don’t have to be on standby to receive orders from customers. The customers can basically serve themselves. These automatic retailers are the new trend in the commercial sector and they can dispense a range of items. From foods and drinks to medicines and newspapers, they are customized to dispense them …

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