Coffee Vending Machines

Vending One offers a large selection of coffee vending machines in Southern California. Now, your office can have customized coffee selections with our variety of coffee vending machines.

High-Quality Vending Machines

We work with all coffee vending machine brands. These machines offer customized options for each type of coffee it brews. People can consistently get that coffeehouse-taste every time.

Inside the machine, there’s a hopper full of coffee beans and other ingredients such as milk, tea, and hot chocolate. Many machine come with a large LED screen that allows you customize your drink choice. Each cup is freshly brewed with a mechanism resembling a french press. The end result is produces a freshly brewed taste. Many of the machines accept cards and Tap to Pay payments as well as cash and other options.

Low-Cost Options

Instead of having to keep your break room or lobby stocked with coffee, the vending machine offers a full solution. We provide the coffee vending machines, servicing, and maintenance at no cost to you. In fact, we’ll even bring everything to restock them without you having to order.


  • Coffeehouse quality with name brand coffee and premium roasts
  • We supply cups or use your own mugs
  • Dozens of customizable options to choose from
  • Other hot beverages available such as tea and hot cocoa
  • Dispenses custom mocha, latte, and espresso drinks
  • We Keep Everything Stocked

    No one has to keep up with brewing coffee during the day. Each time someone wants a cup, they can have it fresh brewed with a coffee vending machine. You’ll always have a fresh supply of coffee and you won’t have to do any work.

    This way employees spend more time working and less time making coffee.

  • Off-Site Monitoring

    We monitor all of our machines through a wireless connection off-site. When your inventory gets low, we’re alerted in real time. Also, we can troubleshoot errors from our remote location and get a technician out to you. We have technicians that are on-call 24/7 to take care of your machine as quickly as possible.

  • Quality Coffee Machines

    We provide everything from a simple coffee machine that sits on top of a counter to a full size coffee vending machine. We offer solutions for every size workplace.

    You can choose from compact machines or get something that’s much larger. You can get a full size machine that makes mocha, latte, and espresso drinks. Also, there are ones that can brew a fresh cup of tea, hot chocolate, or other hot beverage.

  • Make Break Time Easy

    Our vending solutions make it easy for your employees to get the fresh coffee they want. They can grab a quick cup and get back to work without a problem.

    Many studies show that employees are far more productive with drinks such as caffeine readily available. Productive employees increases the bottom line for your company or small business.

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