Micro Markets

A Micro Market is essentially a convenience store right within the comfort of your break room. They offer a variety of food options including fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as special dietary choices. Consumers can conveniently check out at a kiosk so there is no need for the Micro Market to be staffed.

Micro Markets Provide Options

In addition to the standard snacks you find in a vending machine, a Micro Market provides healthy options and food geared toward employees with special dietary needs. This can include those with gluten, soy, and dairy sensitivities, as well as those who choose to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

If your employees are looking to eat healthier, a Micro Market provides fresh fruits, sandwiches, and salads. If they want a hot lunch, frozen entrees can be purchased and quickly prepared in a microwave. For those in need of a traditional snack, a Micro Market still provides quick and easy options as well.

Benefits of a Micro Market

  • Automated ordering
  • Fresh and healthy choices
  • Quick and easy
  • Conveniently located right in your office
  • Employee perks
  • Fully stocked by our team
  • Great customer service
  • High-Quality Equipment

    When you choose to partner with Vending One for your Micro Market, you are getting a respected partnership and dependable service. All the equipment is free for our partners to use, as long as they continue to use Vending One to supply their inventory. This not only includes the kiosk but the coolers and shelving units.

    The kiosk used in our Micro Markets is top of the line technology and our fresh and frozen food coolers are energy efficient. Our kiosk is constantly monitored for malfunctions and has a camera system to deter theft. Our Micro Market is completely self-sufficient and does not require an employee to run it.

  • Automated Re-Ordering

    Not only does the kiosk run transactions and monitor security, but it also sends feedback on your inventory. It recognizes when you are running low on products and sends an alert to Vending One to restock that product. Business owners never have to call and report they are running low or are out of an item.

    In addition, the inventory of the Micro Market is always customizable. If employees have a preference for certain items over others, the Micro Market inventory can be changed to reflect that. At Vending One we have access to hundreds of options for healthy food, snacks, and beverages.

  • Great For Any Space

    The beauty of a Micro Market is that it can be adapted to fit any space available. Many business owners choose to make a portion of their break room a Micro Market, while others designate a special space for it. Micro Markets are fully customizable to meet the needs of your business and employees.

  • Convenient Payment Options

    When an employee would like to grab a quick snack or lunch, they can shop in our Micro Market. They can pick up the food, read labels, and take their time making a decision. Once they have made their selection, they simply go to the touch-screen kiosk, scan the item, and pay.

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