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10 Ways Snacks Can Boost Your Mood

You probably have heard that regular snacking is not good for you as it’s associated with issues like obesity, weight gain, and hypertension. However, this perception is not entirely true. It’s in fact directed to unhealthy snacking. Healthy snacks like berries and apples are actually beneficial. Remember, your brain is constantly working and thus it requires enough fuel always. The source can be healthy snacks. Additionally, healthy snacks contain high-quality vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that you need to stay active.

Now, there are strong suggestions that snacks could actually boost your mood. Wondering how? Healthy snacks, especially whole fruits, are known to naturally improve serotonin levels. Serotonin is a potent neurotransmitter that’s responsible for calming your nerves and relaxing you. It’s what makes you cheerful. In the end, your self-confidence and social prowess improve. So as you can have a better understanding of how healthy snacking makes your mood better, here are 10 considerations:

  1. Mental Energy

It’s worth noting that the primary reason for snacking is to get extra mental energy. By taking snacks rich in amino acids, you are able to boost your brain power tremendously. What this means is that your brain doesn’t suffer from mental exhaustion easily. Mental exhaustion is what stresses your brain and makes you moody. So, you could save yourself a lot of stress if you take enough healthy snacks. You just have to ensure that you avoid high calories. Your target should by high-proteins

  1. Stable Blood Glucose

When you don’t take enough food, your blood sugar drops, a condition we call hypoglycemia. The problem with hypoglycemia is that it messes up your mood. However, it can be fixed by snacking. Recent research by the University of Illinois suggests that regular snacking maintains your blood glucose. It protects you from becoming too irritated and unreasonable. These issues are related to irregular blood sugar level.

Instead of resorting to junks when your blood glucose drops, you should take some healthy snacks. The advantage is that you don’t have to take too much of it but just enough. This will help to effortlessly normalize your blood sugar levels. Since your body will have enough fuel, then your mood will definitely stabilize. You’ll become more energized both physically and mentally.

  1. Brain Hydration

Your brain needs enough fluid to stay active. If it’s not hydrated sufficiently, then it becomes hard to concentrate. You become too jumpy and your mood changes. For a quick fix, you need healthy snacks like berries and watermelons. They are known to hydrate your body quickly. The biggest beneficiary happens to be the brain. In addition to fruit snacks, you can also take healthy smoothies and herbal tea. However, you need to make sure you don’t take excess caffeine.

  1. Appetite Control

It’s generally possible to have mood swings when you don’t have control over your appetite. If your appetite is high, you need to find a way to hold yourself from going for junk foods. Taking healthy snacks, apparently, is one of them. It’ll help to manage your appetite and to stabilize your mood in the long run.

  1. Excitement Trigger

Snacks generally put you in a happy mood. You become so excited when you know it’s snacking time. The moment you are excited, your mood improves. Scientifically, snacking gives your brain powerful nutrients that it needs to have improved serotonin levels. As you already know, improved serotonin means a better mood. You also have to remember that your brain needs fuel to go through a long and tireless day. Luckily, the fuel can be injected through regular healthy snacking.

  1. Body Calmness

Healthy snacks like strawberries enhance endorphin levels. Endorphins are special neurotransmitters which help to calm your body against physical pain and anxiety. This is important since you are likely to become moody when you are you are in pain or when anxious. You can avoid the setback by taking healthy snacks.

  1. Self-Love

You may not be aware but healthy snacks like bananas and nuts may help you fall in love with yourself. This is crucial for enjoying a better mood. The snacks are known to boost oxytocin levels. This hormone is known to stimulate social connections and to make you happy. So, whenever you are feeling sad, just take some oxytocin-boosting snacks.

  1. Gut-Mood Relationship

Are you aware that your gut health dictates your emotional wellbeing? Actually, if your gut is uncomfortable, so will your brain. Likewise, if you are stressed by something else, your gut will feel the effect. As a result, it can either slow down digestive functions or speed them up. To ensure that your digestion is normal, you need enough fiber and fluid. Fortunately, you can get them from healthy snacks. So, snacks will give your gut what it needs to stay relaxed. In the end, your brain relaxes too.

  1. Enhanced Concentration

A lot of times, you become moody because your brain cannot concentrate on a specific matter. Nonetheless, taking snacks that are healthy between your meals ensures that you are able to maintain focus. In this case, you can go through the mid-morning and the afternoon without becoming mentally disturbed. This is quite important when you are either working or studying. Some of the options to consider for enhanced concentration are leafy greens, whole fruits, and popcorns.

  1. Counters Depression

According to a 2017 review, researchers argue that healthy snacking may help reduce depression symptoms. As you know, your mood is negatively affected when you are depressed. The researchers found that healthy fruit snacks contain probiotics, beneficial bacteria. The bacteria are important for your digestive health.

Another study in the same year shows that taking green snacks like spinach and kales counters depression. The study indicates that leafy greens contain folate which improves the metabolism of neurotransmitters noradrenaline and serotonin. These two are known to enhance your mood and general mental wellbeing.

Vending Machines and Office Culture

Vending machines may be different things to different people in the workplace. For employers, it’s another way of injecting money into the business and a means to keep employees motivated and on-site. For employees, vending machines are a cost-effective and time-saving option when it comes to buying foods and other office supplies.

Visiting customers are also not left out. They see vending machines as another way of getting an array of foods and drinks on a budget. The truth is that vending machines have changed the office culture. Largely, the changes have been positive. But still, there are a few habits promoted by vending machines that are cause for concern.

Positive Office Culture

On a positive note, the emergence of office vending machines has seen some impressive lifestyle changes and habits being introduced into the office environment. Here are the most notable ones:

  1. Self-Service Norm

Every investor always looks for ways that they can reduce overhead costs. Vending machines, actually, provide them with this option. These machines are automated and thus employees serve themselves. Basically, there are no labor costs. All the owner has to do is restock the machine and wait to come to collect cash at the end of the day. For employees, they just need cash or credit cards to buy what they want. Self-service, basically, has become a norm.

  1. A Free Market

Vending machines can practically dispense anything. From fresh fruits and fruit blends to cereals and protein concentrates, a vending machine can dispense them all. For employees, this kind of freedom allows them to enjoy what they like in the workplace. For employers, this freedom allows them to sell food supplies that they are passionate about. The final decision, however, belongs to the staff.

  1. Staff Motivation

The presence of food vending machines in the office gives employees the impression that the employer values and appreciates them. Additionally, the freedom to buy whatever they want at a subsidized price motivates them. They become really happy at work. As you know, a happy employee will always give the best. In the long run, office productivity improves. Actually, we are seeing employers investing in vending machines solely for staff motivation.

  1. Office Networking

A lot of times, even workers in the same office can’t get time to talk about non-job matters. Nonetheless, vending machines are changing the communication landscape in the office. They provide employees with an opportunity to network during their free time. For those employees who are afraid of expressing themselves during work hours, they become aware of the freedom when they go to serve themselves at the vending machines.

  1. Corporate Wellness

These days, vending machines are not the junk hub they used to be years back. They are now stocked with healthy foods that employees appreciate. From coffee and water to cereals and fruits, employees can buy them from office vending machines. This has seen corporate wellness improve significantly in most offices. We are seeing employees now learning to consume healthy meals and locking out junks at the workplace.

  1. No Bargaining, No Credit

From an investor’s standing, this is really impressive. Employees don’t have to bargain for food prices since they are predetermined and fixed. Unless they have the money needed, they can’t buy from the dispensers. Additionally, employees can’t buy on credit. This has seen losses at the workplace related to food vending reduce significantly. No bargaining, no credit has become a formidable office culture.

  1. A 24/7 Market

An office vending machine can run as long as the office is opened. So, if there’s always someone in the office, then they are guaranteed access to the food dispensers. Simply, they can walk to the machine to buy whatever foods they want. This has seen the emergence of a consumer employee community that is not time-sensitive. Considering that vending machines run 24/7, employees can buy from the machines anytime they feel like.

  1. A Time-Saving Working Community

Employees are really funny when offered the opportunity to go out to look for food. A majority of them will waste valuable office hours during their breaks trying to find what to buy. However, having vending machines within reach means that they have to stay around. In the long run, office hours are saved. Employees use salvaged hours to engage in productive office duties.