Finest Coffee Service

Featuring de Jong Duke Coffee Machines

The office will never be the same with these easy-to-use coffee machines and delicious aromatic coffee blends.

Office Coffee Service

With our office coffee service, you and your employees will no longer have to leave the building to enjoy a cup of coffee. No longer do you have to sit in line at your local coffee shop. Your favorite coffee is now only a few steps away from your desk.

We Handle The Ordering

When you choose Vending One for your coffee and related coffee supplies, we will provide all of the equipment needed. We provide your brewers, pot filler systems and other components to make sure your office has the coffee it loves. Your employees, guests, and visitors will love the fact that there is always coffee readily available to them.

Many Great Benefits

Everything Stocked

No one has to keep up with brewing coffee during the day. Each time someone wants a cup, they can have it fresh brewed with a coffee vending machine. You’ll always have a fresh supply of coffee and you won’t have to do any work.

This way employees spend more time working and less time making coffee.

Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup coffee. We provide everything from the coffee machine that sits on top of a counter to a full size coffee vending machine. We offer solutions for every size workplace.

You can choose from compact machines or get something that’s much larger. You can get a full size machine that makes mocha, latte, and espresso drinks. Also, there are ones that can brew a fresh cup of tea, hot chocolate, or other hot beverage.

Off-Site Monitoring

We monitor all of our machines through a wireless connection off-site. When your inventory gets low, we’re alerted in real time. Also, we can troubleshoot errors from our remote location and get a technician out to you. We have technicians that are on-call 24/7 to take care of your machine as quickly as possible.

Ordering Stock is Easy

We have an easy to use order processing system you can use to replenish your stock and try new items.